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Darkman (1993 comic)

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Scars was a gangster who was allied to Robert G. Durant, he was given charge of the waterfront after Durant had claimed it from rival mob boss, Eddie Black.


Scars had arranged a meeting with Eddie Black in one of his warehouses near the waterfront, having both Eddie and his men frisked prior to the meeting. Eddie demanded that Scars return the waterfront back to him, but the gangster refused to do so as Durant had given it to him personally.

Eddie reminded Scars that Durant was dead, only for him to interrupt the mob boss by bringing up Eddie's torture at the hands of Durant that costed him all his fingers and wondered how Eddie was able to restore his hands. Unbeknownst to him that Eddie replaced both his hands with mechanical ones each installed with bullets. Eddie then proceeded to gun down Scars, killing him instantly and ordered his men to wipe out the rest of Scars' gang.