Rudy Guzman
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Portrayed by Rafael H. Robledo
Rudy Guzman was a member of Durant's criminal organization and one of the few people responsible for turning Peyton Westlake into his current state as Darkman.


Guzman was present alongside Rick, Pauly, Skip, Smiley, and Durant himself during their arranged meeting with rival mobster, Eddie Black, who refused to sell his property to Durant and threatened to make an example out of them. Under Durant's orders, Guzman and the rest easily wiped out Eddie's men, leaving only the mob boss left for Durant to torture.

Guzman and the others then joined Durant on a favor for corrupt businessman Louis Strack Jr. to retrieve the incriminating document, the "Bellasarious Memorandum" that was left in Peyton Westlake's laboratory. Upon breaking into Westlake's laboratory, they proceeded to beat the scientist, as well as his assistant, Yakitito. After Durant had Yakitito executed, Guzman found the memorandum lying on the lab's desk. The gang then proceeded to subject Westlake to painful torture that horribly disfigured him and then left him to die in the lab's explosion. Guzman and his gang were unaware that Westlake had in fact survived the explosion and would swore revenge against his gang as the vigilante, Darkman.

Appearances in other mediaEdit


Guzman appeared in the comic book adaptation of the first film. His appearance greatly differs to his film counterpart, sporting a shorter haircut and wears a red suit and black tie instead of a leather jacket.


Guzman appeared in the Darkman novel, though his surname has been changed to Martinez.