Peter Rooker
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Darkman III: Die, Darkman, Die (only appearance)

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Portrayed by Jeff Fahey
Peter Rooker was a powerful crime lord and drug dealer who served as the main antagonist of Darkman III. An extremely mentally unbalanced man, Rooker was married, but was a borderline abusive husband to his wife Angela and a cold and distant father to his daughter Jenny. He nonetheless maintained a very friendly relationship with his numerous henchmen, especially his right-hand man Nico. Rooker was obsessed with the concept of physical strength, purchasing and experimenting with all kinds of steroids, both tested and untested, with the assistance of Dr. Bridget Thorne, who was also his mistress.

Rooker became obsessed with the Darkman's strength and enlisted Thorne's aide to capture him to extract his adrenal gland fluids to make a super-steroid. Rooker used this to make four of his henchmen super-strong so as to murder District Attorney Mitchell. Nonetheless Darkman escaped and defeated all of the crime lord's superpowered thugs. In the meantime, Angela had found out about her husband's affair with Dr. Thorne. Thorne wanted Rooker to leave his wife; instead, Rooker killed her in an effort to placate Angela. This had the exact opposite effect; Angela attempted to flee the city with Jenny.

Rooker took the super-steroid himself and captured his wife and daughter and took them to an abandoned warehouse where he engaged Darkman in single combat while Nico kept Angela and Jenny at gunpoint. Darkman defeated Nico, freeing the women (although Jenny was badly hurt in the process), and after a long and brutal fistfight Rooker was killed falling into a garbage-masher which ground him up.