Jill Randall
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Darkman II: The Return of Durant

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Portrayed by Kim Delaney

Jill Randall was a TV reporter interested in the story of the death of Dr. Peyton Westlake, and its connection to the crime boss Robert G. Durant. After police found the body of Rollo Latham, Jill suspected Durant had resurfaced and did a news report on it. Seeing it, Darkman realized he could use Jill's help in flushing Durant out and finding out what he was up to.

He approached Jill at the TV station and asked her to find out who owned Inner-City Land Development was, as the company had purchased Brinkman Electric after David Brinkman's death and he suspected Durant was involved. Jill's snooping resulted in her being killed by Durant's henchmen with a car bomb, but not before she had relayed to Darkman that Durant was indeed the owner of Inner-City Land Development.