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Darkman (film)

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Portrayed by Arsenio Trinidad
Hung Fat was a the leader of the Chinese gangsters operating in Chinatown and owner of the Hong Kong Restaurant. Fat owed money to Robert G. Durant who intended to settle the matter personally.


Having overheard Durant's conversation with Guzman regarding Hung Fat's refusal to pay their revenue, Darkman framed Durant in a convenience store robbery to have him be arrested by the police, all the while taking his place to collect the money from Fat. Now disguised as Durant, Darkman along with Guzman confronted Fat in his restaurant. Unfazed by "Durant"'s presence, Fat explained himself that he "had no money" and had his bodyguards surround the two to intimidate them. Just as Fat wished him goodbye, Darkman sat down and pulls out a cigar and Durant's lighter, immediately threatening Fat to pay his revenue before he finish his cigar. After lighting his cigar with a match, Darkman uses it to burn his own hand. Terrified at the sight of "Durant"'s lack of pain nor expressions, Fat gave in and surrenders his money.

Appearances in other mediaEdit


Hung Fat appeared in the comic book adaptation of the first film, where the comic's story played out mostly similar. Fat also appeared in the succeeding 1993 comic, where he was present in the meeting being held in Durant's home alongside most of the city's criminal underworld, such as Big Tony Grimm, Ash's Boys, and the Koreans. He was shocked by Durant's return and witnessed Big Tony being executed by Durant himself using his bare hands.