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Last appearance Darkman 1: Dark Obsession
Portrayed by Jessie Lawrence Ferguson
Edmund "Eddie" Black was a powerful mob boss and rival to Robert G. Durant, who controlled the waterfront section of the city.


Eddie Black had arranged a meeting with Durant in one of his warehouses near the waterfront. Being guarded by numerous henchmen and having Durant and his crew's weapons frisked away prior to the meeting, Eddie expressed displeasure at the very thought of being muscled out of his own territory and refused to sell his property to Durant. Eddie then threatened to make an example out of them by "cutting their balls off", unbeknownst to him that one of Durant's men, Skip, had a machine gun installed in his prosthetic leg. Seeing no reason to continue negotiations peacefully, Durant ordered his men to start killing off Eddie's men. Despite being outnumbered, Durant and his men were able to wipe out Eddie's gang and by the end of the chaotic firefight, Eddie was the only one left standing. Cornered by his adversary, Eddie was constrained by Durant's men while Durant himself began torturing Eddie by using his golden cigar trimmer to sever the defeated mobster's fingers one by one.

Appearances in other mediaEdit


Eddie Black appeared in the comic book adaptation of the first film, where his negotiation with Durant transpired similarly to the film version.

Eddie also appeared in the succeeding 1993 comic revealing that Durant had spared Eddie's life, but as the result of Durant's torture, he was forced to replace both his hands with mechanical ones each installed with bullets. Eddie was able to restore his criminal organization with the help of the Metropolitan Club, courtesy of Chairman, Sanford Lowell. Eddie arranged a meeting with Scars, a local gangster once allied to Durant, demanding that the waterfront be returned to him as it was originally his territory. Once Scars refused the offer, Eddie proceeded to gun the gangster down with his new hands and ordered his men to wipe out the rest of Scars' gang. Successful in reclaiming his territory, Eddie sent his regards to Commissioner Lowell for his help.

After Darkman attacked several criminal rackets, Eddie was contacted by Lowell who offered police protection against the rampaging vigilante. Eddie chose to decline the commissioner's offer, confident that he could take on Darkman on his own.

Behind the scenesEdit

Eddie Black was portrayed by Jessie Lawrence Ferguson.