David Brinkman
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Darkman II: The Return of Durant

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Portrayed by Jesse Collins

Dr. David Brinkman was the brother of Laurie Brinkman, and a scientist doing research into artificial skin for burn victims, similar to Peyton Westlake's. He and his sister had joint ownership of Brinkman Electric after their father died, and although Laurie wanted to sell it, David wanted to keep it because it reminded him of his father. He turned it into a laboratory where he conducted his experiments, and he dreamed of one day turning it into a business where scientists could come and work outside of the constraints of funding.

He was approached by Dr. Westlake who asked for his help in perfecting his liquid skin. David, who had not known Westlake was supposed to be dead, succeeded in assisting Westlake's efforts to make the skin last longer than 99 minutes in direct sunlight. However in the meantime, Robert G. Durant's henchmen Rollo and Eddie tried to buy Brinkman Electric, to give Dr. Hathaway a place to work. David refused to sell, prompting Durant himself to visit him a few nights later. When David still refused to sell, Durant's men attacked him and beat him to death.

Darkman meanwhile had deduced that Rollo and Eddie were Durant's men, and attempted to race to save his friend, but got there too late, and found David dead with one of his fingers cut off - Durant's trademark.