Bridget Thorne
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Last appearance Darkman III: Die, Darkman, Die
Portrayed by Jenny Agutter
Darlanne Fluegel
For the character's counterpart seen in the 1993 Darkman comic, see Hermione West.

Dr. Bridget Thorne was one of the ER doctors who operated on the badly injured Peyton Westlake after he was burned in the explosion of his laboratory. Years later she approached Westlake offering to assist him in his liquid skin research. In truth however she was working for drug lord Peter Rooker, and betrayed Westlake so that she could extract the fluids from his adrenal gland to make a super-steroid for Rooker's henchmen. Thorne was also Rooker's lover, as the two were having an affair behind Rooker's wife Angela's back. When Angela found out about the two, Rooker, rather than leave his wife as Dr. Thorne wanted him to, coldly murdered the doctor.